Giving Tuesday. Give Fun.

Newsletter - 2022-11-28

It's Giving Tuesday!

What is Giving Tuesday? It is a global day of generosity where people give to the causes they care about. His turn uses Giving Tuesday as a kick off to our year end campaign. You can give to this campaign until December 31.

Our theme this year is Fun Changes Lives.

How do we know that fun changes lives?

Overall, children are not having fun because of the hopelessness they see around them. These young souls look around and do not know how to process the violence, heartache, and confusion in their lives. Because of this problem, we provide fun programs centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the answer to all our problems and seek to teach these children about His love. The outcome of our work is to allow these children to feel loved and celebrated as they navigate their young life through the hope of the gospel.

So, during this giving season, we ask that you consider giving fun because FUN CHANGES LIVES.

We have a big goal for our year end campaign! This year we are aiming for $10,000! We are boldly praying for God’s generosity flowing through all of you. $50 covers the costs for one child to participate in one season of our soccer program.

Please enjoy some of the joyful faces we have here at His Turn Soccer!

We hope you enjoy life and have fun today.

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