Fun Changes Lives - Do you want to give fun today?

Newsletter - 2022-12-06

Happy Tuesday

Imagine your childhood. Think back to the memories that shaped you and remember the activities you enjoyed. Children should have fun environments to develop and learn. Unfortunately, many children in our community lack opportunities after-school that provide those fun activities. Their childhood is often filled with confusing trauma. This is a problem among the youngest generation in our community and we want to do something about it. Our programs seek to provide fun environments for these children to process their emotions in a fun setting. Next week we will show how our different programs specifically solve this problem. Please enjoy some pictures of our awesome children! We hope you have fun today!

Give Fun!

Fun Changes Lives. Do you want to give fun today? Our goal is $10,000 for the month of December. $50 covers the cost for one child to participate in one season of our soccer program. Follow the link below or send a check to 140 Bridges Rd. Suite D. Mauldin, SC 29662. We would love for you to be a part of our giving team!

Give Now!

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